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Do you want to work in a dynamic and rewarding environment? Consider a career at Fresh Thinking®. We will provide you with challenging, compelling work that actually makes a difference. At our offices you will be surrounded by people who will not only challenge you intellectually, but also inspire you, guide you and fuel your ambition people who genuinely care about your personal and professional development.

A career at Fresh Thinking® could be just what you need to transform yourself from good to great, from unique to extraordinary!

We are looking for young, fresh, bright, committed and ambitious professionals to join us in creating the future. Are you ready to be part of a new thinking revolution?

Do you have what it takes to discover your unique DNA and impress the world with it?

A career with Fresh Thinking® puts you at the forefront of fresh thinking innovation in the technological age. Work with the brightest minds in the world to imagine and invent the new future you desire.

We are hiring! Join the team of Fresh Thinking® advisors, coaches and consultants today!


What do we
Stand for?

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Honesty and transparency are at the heart of all our relationships. We pride ourselves on being ethically unyielding and honest, inspiring trust by saying what we mean, matching our behaviour to our words and taking responsibility for our actions.
We uphold the highest standards of moral behaviour and we act ethically at all times.
Promises made to our clients and colleagues are always kept. We take ownership of our challenges and problems, never make excuses and always strive to find solutions to glitches.
We recognise and reward high performance. We are passionate about delivering results and encourage all our staff to achieve their full potential.
We create long-term relationships based on a real understanding and respect for the diverse cultures and business needs of our clients and the communities where we operate.
We place great importance on building strong and positive relationships with our clients and partners, sharing strategic objectives and goals in the pursuit of excellence for those who trust us with their business.


We believe in fulfilling our obligation to build a better, more robust and more durable organisation for future generations, protecting the Fresh Thinking® brand, meeting our commitment to clients and stakeholders, acting with the “mamba mentality”, developing our people and helping improve communities and the global environment.

Our Vision

We are a river of fresh thinking that flows to facilitate transformative change and make a difference in the world

Our mission

We aim to create extraordinary solutions for the world in a variety of areas. We accomplish our mission through applying fresh thinking to our clients’ situations and helping them reach their desired end state.

Would you like
To join us?

Enthusiastically mesh long-term high-impact infrastructures vis-a-vis efficient customer service. Professionally fashion wireless leadership rather than prospective experiences.
Challenging projects
Custom working time
Family insurance
Close to city center
Awesome Clients
Award winning team
Great people
Creative environment
We initiate bold, fresh thinking to produce extraordinary solutions for the world.
OUR LOCATIONSWhere to find us?

396 Florida Street,
Pretoria East, 0043
South Africa
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