Advisory Solutions

In an era of turmoil and uncertainty, a fresh thinking partner will offer you novel solutions to new and old problems. Our fresh approach enables our clients to develop and execute new strategies, create their brand, grow their business and make a difference in the world.

We meet our clients wherever they are on their journey and partner with them to bring fresh, bold solutions and create lasting value, substantially improving their lives and their businesses.

Through our company’s access to local, national and international consulting accreditation, we provide our clients with access to a wide range of top level consultants and out-the-box advisors. One of our international partners is Bob Proctor who has 50 years of global consulting success to his name. Our partnership with IBM further extends our scope to offer solutions globally.

Services we offer:

Fresh Thinking® insights during the era of uncertainties;
Artificial intelligence advisory;
Public-Private Partnerships
Public-private partnerships consulting service;
Advice on SMMEs
Advice on solutions for small, micro and medium enterprises (SMMEs);
Strategic Planing
Corporate strategic plans to achieve results even during turbulence;
Project Management
Project management solutions;
Monitoring and Evaluation
Monitoring and evaluation framework systems;
Social Responsibility
Corporate social responsibility advisory;
Growth Advice
Business growth advice through turbulent times.

Accredited Solutions

Today’s world volatility is unprecedented. Make Fresh Thinking® your first port of call before the storm hits. Whether the cause of your disruption is new technologies and digitisation, globalisation, blurred industry boundaries or other factors, the message is clear: transformation isn’t an option, it’s a business imperative.

Some of our team members helped craft the elements of the Sector Education Training and Development Accreditation landscape over two decades ago, a plan to ensure quality in the provision of training and the accreditation of training organisations in Southern Africa. As a result we understand the South African Qualification framework intimately.

Our local and international partnerships, including with IBM and Microsoft, enable clients to tap in to the most exceptional global consulting, training and advisory solutions. We – along with our local and multinational partners – are at the cutting edge of implementing solutions in the public- and private sectors.

Some of the courses we offer:

  • Artificial intelligence solutions;
  • Consulting solutions;
  • Soft skills programmes;
  • Risk management in the changing world;
  • Project management solutions;
  • Microsoft Business Solutions;
  • High achiever performance solutions;
  • IBM Cloud solutions;
  • Global business partnerships for SMMEs;
  • Microsoft training programmes;
  • Bob Proctor’s Thinking into Results programme;
  • Bob Proctor’s signature solutions – Mission in Commission and Goal Achiever;
  • Digital, emotional and social intelligence solutions.

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We initiate bold, fresh thinking to produce extraordinary solutions for the world.
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